One day before departure

Diary: June 28, 2015

Preparing to depart for France tomorrow. Spent the day puttering around the apartment, assembling laundry, gear, notes, and last-minute to-do items necessary for the journey. I am gradually starting to connect to what feels like a thread of mainstream global society that is making a huge effort and accomplishing real strides towards material action on climate change. The real mystery for me is whether all of this buzz and collective talking (what appears to be just a bunch of panel discussions and meetings and keynote speeches) will ever really amount to scientifically meaningful CO2 equivalent reductions on a time-scale that has meaning for future generations. I’m not sure, but the combination of reading Jeremy Leggett’s book (The Winning of the Climate War) with brief examination of the people who are attending these events is starting to give me a renewed sense of hope. But I still don’t know how it all works. Just a bunch of talking and meeting seems almost too shallow to hold significant meaning. Perhaps the real mechanism is for the people in charge of assembling the speakers and leaders to do just that, bring together the speakers and leaders and give them a platform to honor them and make their visit worth their time, knowing all the while that the *real* reason for their visit is behind-door talks *with those same leaders.* Talks that we’re not allowed to see. We just hear about later through one policy decision or another. And/or perhaps it is those stages where the people with money to fund major projects find people and things they’re interested in funding and reach out to them afterwards. And then interesting things emerge from those strategic unions of money, power, leadership, and good ideas. I hope that my visit to France this week will give me some answers to these questions. How do the civilizational climate cogs go ‘round? I’ll let you know when I find out. On to France! But first, bed.


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