Mark Has Three Upcoming COP21 Climate Presentations in Pittsburgh

I am delighted to announce that I am giving three COP21 climate presentations in the Pittsburgh area during the month of September. I have tried to simplify the complexities of the climate negotiations so that you don’t have to devote weeks of your life to be well-informed. Please share the news with friends, family, FB, Twitter, and beyond! Here are the details…

NOTE: The event on Thursday, 9/24 will have the most seats available! Please attend that one if you are able.

Tuesday, 9/22/15, 6:00 P.M. (limited seating)
“Connecting Pittsburgh to International Climate Negotiations”
The Thomas Merton Center – Potluck Supper
5129 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, 15224
For more information, call 412-361-3022

Thursday, 9/24/15, 7:00 P.M. (AMPLE seating!)
Pittsburgh to Paris: Connecting for the Climate
Church of the Redeemer
5700 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, 15217
Presentation followed by a community reception.
Please invite EVERYBODY YOU KNOW to this event via Facebook here. 🙂

Saturday, 9/26/15, ~4:00 P.M. (limited seating & RSVP required)
Sustainability Salon on the Paris Climate Summit
Squirrel Hill
Details and RSVP here.

Here is the general blurb for all of the upcoming events…

This December nations around the world will send delegates to the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris, France. This is quite possibly the most important climate-related event in all of human history, and Mark Dixon will be bringing his eyes, ears, and voice (and audio/video/photography gear) to this gathering to raise awareness about this important issue and urge responsible action by lawmakers – particularly in the Pittsburgh region.

Already an accomplished environmental filmmaker (YERT – Your Environmental Road Trip, and The Power of One Voice: A 50-Year Perspective on the Life of Rachel Carson) and climate presenter, Mark Dixon further bolstered his awareness of the UN climate negotiations by formally representing Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto at an official UN COP21 precursor event: the World Summit Climate and Territories in Lyon, France. Based on this event and subsequent research, Mark has developed a detailed COP21 climate presentation to inform and entertain audiences with the drama and nuance around our civilization’s greatest attempt to address the climate crisis. Mark has pre-processed the complexities of the COP21 process and our collective global response so that you can be well-informed without devoting days of your life to working through all the details. We hope you can make it!

A huge thanks to dozens of crowdfunders who have supported Mark’s COP21 journeys and activism. He has committed to give at least one climate presentation in the Pittsburgh region for each $250 raised. You can learn about Mark’s COP21 work, including several additional presentations this fall at his blog:

You can check out Mark’s fundraising campaign directly here:


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