So many upcoming presentations

I just took a look at my calendar and it is packed with presentations. Some of you have asked for details, so here they are– at least as many details as I know:

  • 11/3/15 + 11/5/15 + 11/9/15 – Private middle school presentations (mostly YERT, but a little COP21).
  • 11/5/15 – Full COP21 lecture at Chatham University, 7pm.
  • 11/8/15 – Full COP21 lecture at First United Methodist Church, 1pm. 5401 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232.
  • 11/10/15 – Full COP21 lecture at university. Not open to public (yet?).
  • 11/12/15 – I’ll be giving testimony on the Clean Power Plan to the EPA. I won’t be able to help myself from mentioning COP21.
  • 11/14/15 – Mini COP21 presentation after “This Changes Everything” screening in McKee’s Rocks (film at 4pm).
  • 11/20/15 – Full COP21 lecture to private group.

Then I fly to Paris on 11/28 with my handy press pass in-hand to share updates with you about the full two-week proceedings of the COP21 climate negotiations!


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