Late COP21 Jitters

I’m getting nervous. This whole COP21 keeps moving along day by day as I struggle to keep up with a thousand different threads. I am not nervous about keeping up. I am nervous about humanity keeping up with the pace of accelerating climate change. 

Climate Conflict Extends to the Subway
I am nervous that some nations will be somehow forced to stuff concerns about their very survival into a bag of silence placed in front of them by a handful of powerful countries with more money, more people, and more weapons. All the while the conference purports to advocate for global human rights. And, oddly enough, in its own way, COP21 DOES advocate for human rights, but in a messy, incomplete, and often impotent way. All signs currently point to a signed agreement at the end of this process. And considering the nature of the likely agreement, it means that some nations will be given mere words of acknowledgement to replace their doomed land. And that trade will not be enough to keep the planet at a safe temperature. That trade will be made so that more wealthy nations can say they are doing something to address climate change. I cannot even imagine the personal moral pressure and logical contortions that burden the delegates at this event.  
Our climate future is as clear as this photo.
A new draft agreement comes out in fifteen minutes. I write this as I wait by the desk that will soon receive a mob of eager press and observers hungry for printed copies of the text. We now count down to the conclusion of this conference in hours. Stay tuned. 


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