Best Presentation Slide Guide Ever

People often say nice things about my Power Point (actually Apple Keynote) slides, and I appreciate the encouragement! I’d like to share my secret sauce: a little book that I received during my training with Al Gore’s Climate Project. I can’t recommend it enough: Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes. You can now download the book for free at




My Post-COP21 Lecture is now on YouTube

At long last, I am pleased to share my post-COP21 lecture with you on YouTube.

Watch Mark’s full post-COP21 climate presentation here:

Presentation slides HERE.

Mark’s COP21 photos are available for use via the Creative Commons with Attribution license. Browse through them here:

I’ve trimmed it down a bit for the sake of your time, but it is quite comprehensive and covers multiple dimensions around COP21, complete with loads of photos, not to mention videos of the protests and COP21 grounds and booths, and even a brief snippet from noted scientist Kevin Anderson. You can find the slides for the lecture HERE. E-mail me if you’d like a version that contains the notes with the slides: mark [at] yert [dot] com.


P.S. If you missed my PRE-COP21 presentation, which takes an extensive look at the latest climate science and plans for emissions reductions, you can catch that here: youtube

Brilliant lecture by Tim Flannery on carbon sequestration

Tim Flannery goes into as much detail as he can about carbon sequestration opportunities in the time allotted for his lecture below.

The goal of keeping global average temperatures below 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels is a noble one, but it instantly points to the inadequacy of our current approaches to reaching such a goal. At this late stage in the game, even instantaneous full decarbonization of the global economy (i.e. instantly removing all dependence on gasoline, natural gas, diesel fuel, and all other carbon emitting power sources) does not give us time to achieve 1.5°C or better. This means that we need to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere on an industrial scale using technologies that are both un-proven and un-discovered. Flannery’s talk dives directly into this important frontier with important implications for government and business research and development opportunities. One of my favorite videos of the year! Thanks to Pirate Television for recording it.